“But let me please repeat my thanks for the professional and well organized creation process. It was really a pleasure for us to work with you. Thank you especially for the good guidance and your fast and friendly response to every special wish!!”
“Jongbloed is providing quality and unique service to us in printing of the 22gsm products.”
“Thank you for the very nice cooperation concerning the Family Bible. We are very pleased with the Bible! We are also thankful for all your efforts to deliver them on time.”
“We just finished our financial year yesterday with a record sales and profit report and that is partly thanks to Jongbloed’s good work!”
“We like the consistent quality of the print, paper and binding. We also appreciate the Jongbloed staff and their cheerful willingness to help and be responsive!”
“Yesterday, I received with both fear and excitement our new Bible collection from you, and the first thing that I want to do is to thank you, Jongbloed, for an excellent work and a super cooperation during the last (not so many!) month!! I have checked all copies, that I have received, and they are perfect!”
“Jongbloed is ‘second to none’ as regards production qualities for our Bible products. For our market segment this covers the top end of ‘physical’ Bibles. In our eyes, Jongbloed’s commitment to this level of manufacture is very much exemplified by the Bible-Bible guide produced with 2Krogh – nobody else that I can think of would have understood the need for this, let alone have the courage to invest in it as a marketing tool. Because of our market niche we need to be working with people who understand this quality level which is why Jongbloed is much more than just another supplier to us.”