About Jongbloed

Royal Jongbloed was founded in 1862 as a bookstore in the old city centre of Leeuwarden. Today the company is located in Heerenveen covering an impressive 10,000 square meters and employing over 100 people. We house a printing and binding company as well as a publishing group. Both business units are involved in the core business of Jongbloed: the production and sales of Bibles and Bible related products.

Printing and binding

The graphic department of Royal Jongbloed has a leading position in the world of ultrathin-paper printing and binding. We are well known for our high-quality Bibles, Hymnbooks, New Testaments and for the patented book concept dwarsligger®, but we also produce technical manuals, catalogues and scientific reference works on thin paper.

Over 90% of all books produced by Royal Jongbloed is exported all over the globe. Across the world you can find Bibles with its origin at Royal Jongbloed, from China to Greenland and from the United States to Congo . Whether it’s a hardcover version or a luxury leather-bound edition with gilded edges and thumb indexes, the employees of Royal Jongbloed are at your service!

Our publishing house

Publishing Group Royal Jongbloed focuses on publishing Bibles, Hymn books, Christian literature and magazines for the Dutch market. The core of this business is formed by the Bible funds Jongbloed, Biblica / Book and the Dutch Catholic Bible Society . In addition, the publishing group houses the imprints Barnabas, Benjamin, Columbus, Filippus, Groen, Medema, Sestra, Protestantse Pers as well as the educational publishers Groen Educatief and Jongbloed Educatief.




Within the printing and binding department we are continuously working on research and development. In September 2009 we launched the patented book concept dwarsligger® in the Dutch market, a complete book in an innovative and convenient format. But there is more! We are continuously working on the development of new designs, new binding styles, the usage of a wide variety of cover materials but are also carefully studying alternative business models and sales strategies. (and to obtain additional information for our customers to use).

Quality and environment

Our books are well known for their outstanding quality. Since we own both a printing house and complete bindery and the entire production process takes place under one roof. This puts us in a position where we have maximum control over the quality of our products and are able to apply our professional knowledge to all stages of the production process. To maintain our high quality standards our employees pay close attention to the quality of our products throughout the production process.

Royal Jongbloed devotes much attention to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). We take our responsibility for the environment by meeting all requirements of the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) and thereby help to manage the forests in a sustainable and responsible way. We are FSC-certified which allows us use the FSC logo on our products.



From the city government of Heerenveen Jongbloed received the Sinnestriel award for sustainable and environmental friendly business. As a result of the successes of dwarsligger® Jongbloed received several awards such as the Van Speijk Innovation and NIMA Marketing Excellence Award. Last but not least Jongbloed was honoured in 2010 with the title “Frisian Company of the Year ‘.