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As a printer specialized in the printing of Bibles and Hymnbooks we love the paper and we are sure that printed Bibles will be in our lives forever. On the other hand, we also recognize that technical and digital innovations offer a new perspective to publishing. We are here to help you integrating these developments in your publishing strategy. Partnering with 2Kdenmark we have founded a company specialized in building and designing Bible Apps such as BibleOn.

BibleOn allows the user to study the many different translations that are already integrated in this app. We also build white label apps by designing and adjusting the app entirely to your content and preferences .Whether it is a Bible, a diary, a devotional or complete Bible study.

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Showcase BibleOn

Handy Bible app BibleOn

BibleOn is an app developed by Jongbloed an 2K Denmark for the serious Bible user. Our app distinguishes itself in simplicity and readability. BibleOn was extensively tested by users and makes optimum use of the technical possibilities.

Download the app and the King James Version for free and start exploring the many possibilities right away, or extend the library with your preferred bible translation. Translations are currently offered in Norwegian, German, Russian, Hebrew, Latin, Greek, English, Danish, Dutch and many more – and new translations are constantly added in many other languages.


BibleOn features

  • Infinite text scrolling
  • Clutter-free design with extra material separated from the Scripture, using the unique PureText feature
  • Quick and intuitive canonical and alphabetical navigation
  • High quality bible translations
  • High quality design and typographic layouts made by award winning bible designers
  • OpenType typographical features and support for hyphenation and drop-caps
  • High quality OpenType typefaces, Karmina, Karmina Sans, FrescoPro and FrescoPro Sans

  • User commentary that integrates with the clutter-free PureText feature
  • Constantly growing InApp store
  • Text highlighting
  • Favoriting bible passages
  • Fast parallel lookup feature to quickly compare any selected passage with your full library of bible translations
  • Person scripture annotations
  • Fast search in both scripture and personal annotations

  • Online synchronisation of personal annotations
  • Simultaneous search in up to 6 bible translations
  • Newsroom keeping you up to date with development
  • Online synchronisation of personal annotations
  • Favoriting passages from the bible
  • History to keep track of what you have read or “where you came from” during reading

ipv filmpje

iPad exclusive features

  • Parallel reading of up to 6 bible translations, using the Volumes feature
  • Optional parallel synchronizing of text, keeping the same text in each translation aligned across all Volumes

iPhone exclusive features

  • Fast switching between translations, to quickly compare multiple bible translations
  • Fast switching remembers what you are reading and will take you directly to the right place in the bible


In BibleOn, the most important Bible translations are available, including those of the basic languages. The app is continuously kept up-to-date, both technically and with regard to contents. In this way, ever more new translations are added. The same applies for footnotes, remarks, illustrations and combinations with the re-use of social media. The app is available for Apple products (iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch). An Android version will follow shortly.



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