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Schuyler Quentel now also in ESV

One and a half year after the introduction of the Schuyler NASB Quentel Reference Bible, the Schuyler Quentel is now also available in the “English Standard Version”

We are proud we were allowed to print and bind this Bible. Mark Bertrand from has written a review about this Bible we do not want you to withheld.

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New Bible for Denmark

For the Danish Bible Society we recently completed the production of 20 different Bibles divided over 3 different sizes, both with and without Apocrypha. It became a very beautiful range of Bibles that gives you the option to have a plain hardcover, a special youth edition with interchangeable covers or for example a beautifully embossed linen edition with art-gilded edges. The top range has a flexible full grain leather over, gilded edges and 39 indexes and it is inserted in a beautifully designed cassette. The Danes will be proud to have a Bible Society that understands the never ending need for renewing high end products.

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