Dwarsligger®, Compact and portable

The patented concept dwarsligger® is a complete book, printed and bound in a convenient and compact format. A book in the size of a smartphone with perfect readability that fits in your purse, and even in your pocket. A book you can take anywhere and read any time you want!

The dwarsligger® is a complete book with a well-designed lay-out and printed on very thin but strong, bright white environmentally friendly paper. Because of the innovative method of binding the dwarsligger® always stays open. Its small size – 12 x 8 centimetres– and light weight –on average less than 145 grams– means that you can even read the dwarsligger® holding it in one hand.


Dwarsligger®, the beginning

In September 2009 the dwarsligger® was launched in the Netherlands through a partnership between Jongbloed and Holland’s leading publisher VBK publishers. At its announcement, 80% of the print run was purchased by various retail channels, and second printings were already being ordered within two weeks. Strategic market research by the renowned marketing agency Branddoctors showed that over 90% of the testpannel responded positive towards a purchase of the dwarsligger® since it’s easy to transport and can be read at any time. The environmental impact is significantly reduced since the dwarsligger® is six times smaller than a ‘normal’ book, and it’s printed on FSC®-certified paper.



The dwarsligger® is suitable for all genres and is often positioned as an additional publication next to the hardcover and paperback. Our Christian publishing partners also took advantage of the dwarsligger® by publishing Bibles, New Testaments, Hymnbooks and devotionals in this format. We are proud to see that more often the dwarsligger® version is published simultaneously with the hardcover editions.

International successes

In the years after the successful introduction in the Dutch market dwarsligger® became a huge international success with sales figures exceeding 5,000,000 copies. Jongbloed committed to exclusive partnerships with leading publishers and launched the dwarsligger® in France (Point2®), Spain (Librinos®), the UK (Flipback®), Sweden (Excess®), Finland (Miki® ), Russia (Flipbook®) and Turkey (Minikitap®).


For dwarsligger® Jongbloed was awarded with the Van Speijk Innovatieprijs and the Nima Marketing Excellence Award. More recently dwarsligger® received the Accenture Innovation award in the category Consumer Products. The jury praised the innovation in both product and marketing strategy! By winning this award dwarsligger® left no less than 100 entries behind.

Van Speijk Innovation price for the graphic media industry

This price is a symbol for innovative thinking. The ‘Van Speijk Innovatie Prijs’ was given in 2007 at first for groundbreaking innovations en/or ideas for communication companies to improve their provision of services or to change the rules of the game. The Dwarsligger concept won this beautiful price in 2009.

Marketing Excellence Awards

Dwarsligger was chosen as a winner by the jury of the Marketing Excellence Awards in 2009 in the category innovation. To be eligible for this price an organization should excel in market and customer related thinking, success en continuously innovation.

Accenture Innovation Awards 2011

The goal of the Innovation Awards is to honour companies who established exceptional performance in the innovation award. A professional jury criticizes the concepts for innovation, success and potential. Dwarsligger was the proud winner in the category consumer products 2011.


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