Probably the finest thin print editions you can find on earth!

Across the world you can find our Bibles, New Testaments, Hymnbooks as well as many non-religious thin-paper-printed productions. Publishers  reach to us for new ideas, for books that need to be produced with care and commitment, for books purposed to be used intensively and not in the last place for a book that reads comfortably because our books are thin, lightweighted and always lay flat open.

The books we produce are of robust and resilient construction which demands much of the binding. A blend of skills, experience and dedication, combined with the right equipment and carefully selected materials are of crucial importance to the quality of the book. Jongbloed advises you about the materials, the designs and can be relied upon to handle your books with the greatest care. We are proud of the high quality products we deliver! This commitment to excellence is reliant on the quality of our staff and the superiority of our equipment.

It is common  to apply several binding styles  from one print run. This because we understand that our customers want to reach an audience as wide as possible by serving each customer segment to its own specific demands. We are pleased to develop a conceptual range of editions with our customers and share our thoughts about how to price, position and market each edition.

We could sum up all the binding alternatives Jongbloed can offer, such as paperback, hard cover, interchangeable covers, leather covers, edge-lined binding, red under gold edges, thumb indexes, zippers etc. However, it is our challenge to make your ideas work and to create the finest products. That is what we love to do!


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