In 1862 Auke Jongbloed opened a store in Leeuwarden selling office and writing supplies. These were the early days of the company Jongbloed. The foundation for today’s publishing house however was laid in 1880 when Auke Jongbloed was not satisfied with the printing quality of Bibles and decided he could do a better job himself. While time was passing Jongbloed became increasingly specialized in printing and binding (luxury) Bibles on ultrathin papers. His expertise and high quality standards caught the attention of international publishers and lead to an increasing number of requests to produce Bibles for them too. Auke’s decision to  print his own Bibles marks the beginning of a tradition, from that moment on Jongbloed carefully built up its name as a specialist in Bible Productions.

New premises

In the mid-nineties of the previous century Jongbloed relocated from the centre of Leeuwarden to Heerenveen. The floor of the new building  covers an impressive 10,000 square meters.

Royal Jongbloed

In 2012 Jongbloed celebrated its 150 years anniversary. As a reward for 150 years craftsmanship, innovations and expertise Jongbloed received the designation ‘Royal’, awarded by order of the King of the Netherlands on April 8, 2013. The name of the company was proudly changed Royal Jongbloed and the Royal crown was integrated in the company logo.